• PATACC Annual General Meeting 2014

The UNWTO/UNESCO World Conference on Tourism and Culture: Building a New Partnership


Amareswar Galla, Executive Director of International Institute for the Inclusive Museum

Ensuring that creativity and cultural diversity inform the growth and delivery of the future Sustainable Development Goals in the UN post 2015 Development Agenda will need to address two critical factors with a fresh vision and demonstration projects. Firstly, the nexus between culture, tourism and development needs to be better understood through valuing creativity with both qualitative and quantitative indicators. Contingency valuation and choice modelling used in environmetrics could be useful. Secondly new models and modalities of participation need to scoped and developed to ensure that creativity, as an aggregation of the genius of primary stakeholder communities, is maximized through enabling and empowering partnerships with the secondary and tertiary stakeholders. All evaluations of existing practices could use for benchmarking the dictum: ‘More of the same will not do’. (Rio+20) Productive partnerships for the future need to take the following into consideration: Inclusive design improving life styles and livability through creativity sourcing its essence from local knowledge systems is the bedrock of the spirit of resilience. Dynamic and adaptive capacity building is essential for selectively and responsibly absorbing and benefitting from the positive opportunities and minimize the negative homogenizing impacts of globalization. Creativity provides for quality and substance for ‘authentic’ and signature local experiences in responsible tourism and nurtures local sense of place and self-esteem in a connected world…